October 18, 2016

Vtiger CRM Solutions

Vtiger CRM is enterprise-ready Open Source CRM software developed using Apache, MySQL and PHP used mainly for small and medium businesses. This CRM is widely applicable and provides free enterprise class add-ons such as customer portal, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc., to boost the functionality of a CRM system. It is available in multiple languages and offers many other features like E-mail integration; RSS feed subscription, PDF Document generation and many others.

Aweb Group has been providing Vtiger solutions to many businesses in Middle East and Eurasia countries such as UAE, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia, etc. for over 8 years. We have provided Vtiger solutions to various businesses from various industries that have helped those business gain success. Aweb Group offers solutions that are exclusively customized to meet your business needs and fit your budget.

Our services include:
• Vtiger CRM Implementation Services
• Vtiger CRM Customization Services
• Vtiger Application Development Services
• Vtiger CRM Custom Module, Extension, Plug-in Development and Integration
• Vtiger CRM Third Party Integration with or without API
• Vtiger Testing Services
• Vtiger CRM Migration Services
• Vtiger CRM Maintenance and Support Services

Vtiger Workflow Development 

Over the years, we have developed a simple workflow that assures you get exactly what you need. We will not only customize your CRM based on our in-depth knowledge of Vtiger framework, but also offer you a way to ensure you get what you need through the following steps:

• Local Installation of a backup of your Vtiger instance. (When necessary)
• Development in our server
• Presentation of the finished work for your approval
• Files and setup documentation’s sending or deploying into your server after your revision and approval of changes.

Aweb Group has drastically changed the customization of lunar, Hijri and Gregorian calendars in Vtiger CRM.